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Inchloss Body Wrap Inchloss Body Wrap

Inchloss Body Wrap


Guaranteed to lose a minimum of 6 inches (15cms) immediately after one wrap. This natural Australian sea clay detoxifies, firms & compacts fatty tissue & cellulite.

Great for:
  • Detoxifying the body
  • Reducing the appearance of cellulite
  • Reducing the appearance of stretch marks
  • Toning and tightening the skin
  • Losing inches
  • Feeling revitalised and fantastic
  • Soothes psoriasis and eczema  

How does it work?

The process involves soaking specially designed Contour Wraps (like bandages) in an all natural Australian Sea Clay solution. Once the wraps have been applied to the body, herbal extracts, amino nutrients and natural sea clay open pores and help draw out toxic accumulations from the skin and soft tissue. The wraps compact the detoxified fatty tissue, reducing overall measurements of the body.

Does it help with cellulite?

Yes! It’s great for cellulite. As cellulite is an accumulation of toxins and fluids around the fat cells, the Inchloss Body Wrap targets these areas, drawing out the toxins and fluids making it very effective for cellulite.

Will the inches return if I drink water?

No! We strongly recommend that you drink lots of water as this will help flush out the toxins.



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