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Paramedical Endermologie

Endermologie was originally developed for the safe and gentle, but extremely effective treatment of scar tissue / fibrosis in burns patients. 

This non-invasive, organic treatment was found to have many other astounding health benefits and is now used for the treatment and/or management of a range of medical conditions.

Scar Therapy

Gently breaks up fibrosis, drains away waste products, oxygenates the tissue, facilitates cellular regeneration, exercises and smoothes connective tissue.

Pain Relief & Pain Management

Immediately releases knots and tension in the muscles, drains away pain causing wastes including lactic acid and toxins, oxygenates and reduces inflammation.

Pre & Post Surgical Care

Prepare for surgery by clearing any toxins and wastes from the area and replacing them with oxygen and nutrients to nourish the tissue. The healthier the tissue pre-surgery, the better the post-surgery result will be. Post surgical treatments involve aiding the wound healing and tissue remodeling processes for smoother healthy skin.

Raynaud's Disease, Fluid Retention & Oedema

Effectively increase lymphatic drainage by 300% for a minimum of 4hrs and circulation by 400% for a minimum of 6hrs, strengthen and rebuild vessels while enjoying a relaxing and nourishing treatment. Initial effects last up to 72hrs.

Fibromyalgia & Frozen Shoulder

Endermologie can relieve the symptoms of both Fibromyalgia and Frozen Shoulder by effectively detoxing, breaking up fibrosis and decongesting the muscle and tissue, oxygenating and mobilising, while encouraging cellular regeneration. Eases pain and inflammation and restores mobility.


$20 per 5 minutes


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