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Is Stress Making YOU Look 10 Years Older?


Now, more than ever, we need to be educated on how to best manage our stress levels. Stress is not just present when we experience a traumatic event or ‘being constantly really busy’. We have more stressors in our everyday environment than ever before; we work harder and longer hours, we don’t eat as well or as organically and as a society we simply don’t prioritise quality sleep enough. All these things create a stress response in the body, which in turn accelerates the rate at which our skin ages.

Stress is there to protect and motivate us, too much is damaging on the skin and body.  The body doesn’t know the difference between mental and physical stress. It changes the way we look, it also plays havoc with our hormones which can also instigate other skin conditions like acne & inflammation. Stress also increases problems in the gut, damaging the lining of the gut and leading to leaky gut syndrome.  Stress increases cortisol levels which will also bring on weight gain. It suppresses your immune system and impacts the digestive and reproductive systems, which essentially speeds up how you age internally and externally. If our gut has a compromised ability to absorb the right nutrients and has a decline in the necessary acids needed for efficient digestion, it simply cannot transfer the desired nutrients that our skin needs to aid in efficient cell turnover, collagen production and hydration.

Too much cortisol in the body breaks down proteins, with the collagen in our skin being hugely affected. If your collagen production is hindered in any way, this will affect the tone and turgidity of your skin, changing youthful, healthy skin to become gaunt and floppy. An excess of cortisol also hinders the absorption of Vitamin C – which is one of the most powerful vitamins for inciting collagen production in our skin. In addition, too much stress can lead to a narrowing of blood vessels, leading to impaired circulation. Blood is the life source for all cells within our body, and if the skin does not receive enough then it cannot function at its optimal level.

In our skin consultations, we will always assess your concerns holistically. It is important that we understand what is happening internally to trigger your skin responses. For example, how much & how well you sleep will play a role in the production of natural growth factors which are only released during sleep and are solely responsible for new cell production. Therefore, if you don’t sleep enough, or you don’t get quality REM sleep, your body’s ability to make new, youthful skin cells is severely affected & the results from your skincare products & salon treatments will be impaired.

We prescribe the Regul8 Relax Supplement to help support your body when managing daily stress. Its unique formulation aids in re-balancing body and mind, allowing for more efficient brain function and quality sleeping patterns. It contains Rhodiola Rosea, a herb that reduces cortisol and supports the adrenal glands, aiding in effective adaption to stress in the body. In addition, the relaxing effects of Passionflower help to soothe the central nervous system, allowing you to fall asleep (and stay asleep) in those vital REM cycles. Because of its regulatory influence on your central nervous system, this formulation will also aid in increasing your memory. In addition, Relax contains Fucoidans which increase collagen producing cells in our skin – essential for age management!

Regul8 Digestive Tune-Up is also recommended to help improve digestion. Our digestive system needs to function properly to absorb vitamins and minerals & for good elimination. It doesn’t matter how well you eat & how much you exercise it will not make a difference if you’re not absorbing the nutrients.  Stomach acid declines as we age, the bitter herbs in the Digestive Tune-Up will increase stomach acid, keeping us looking and feeling young and balanced.

Investing in your health and understanding what your body needs is as important for age management as is using the correct skincare and having the most effective in-salon treatments. If you're feeling older than you need to be & would like to know more about what we offer to reduce premature ageing, book a virtual skin consultation or call our salon now.


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