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Six Layer Peel & Remodelling Procedure


The Pro Alpha 6 Layer Peel & Remodelling Procedure utilise an exclusive blend of natural plant and fruit acids applied in layers over a 2 day period. The strength of the formulation and the amount of layers applied depends on the individual’s skin condition and genetic type. It is a safe and effective resurfacing procedure designed for maximum and fast results when treating thickened aged skins, pigmentation or congested/acne skins. Includes two days of layers of application followed by two enzyme treatments to heal and hydrate.

During a five to seven day period after the layer applications, the skin will temporally lose water which enables it to harden and peel back. Any congestion will be forced to the surface and dark pigmented and thickened skin will be lifted off. This all occurs in the same way skin normally sheds only faster, making it a very safe alternative to laser or medical peels.

One week after the layers are applied a lift off enzyme treatment is performed to heal and re-hydrate the skin. This is followed by another enzyme treatment one week later. LED Red Light Treatments after the lift offs & for the following 2 weeks is great to further boost healing & regeneration of the skin.

Preparation for the 6 Layer Peel includes drinking a minimum of two litres of water per day for one week prior to the peel, taking DMK EFA supplements for at least two weeks prior, and the application of DMK Retosin for 10 - 14 nights prior.

We recommend the Six Layer peel every 1-2 years for most people, as this will provide you with the boost needed to keep your skin looking its very best and providing optimum anti-aging. This peel provides you with not only a smoother, clearer, more refined complexion but also improves the function of the skin at a cellular level. Along with monthly treatments, you can obtain the ultimate in quality skin.

What’s involved in a Six Layer Peel?

  • Day 1: Application of solution layers – this will feel hot & skin will appear shiny and red post-treatment.
  • Day 2: 2nd application of solution layers. This will feel slightly more intense than the previous day.
  • Day 3-5: Skin will begin to peel, redness still apparent.
  • Day 7: 1st Lift Off Treatment which involves an Enzyme Treatment followed by a Transdermal Nutrition Treatment which will nourish the skin.
  • Day 8-13: Some dead skin will continue to shed.
  • Day 14: 2nd Lift Off Treatment.

Prepping for your Six Layer Peel

For those who are having the Six Layer Peel or Remodelling Procedure done, please follow these prep instructions 2 weeks prior to your first day of layers. Remember, your results are completely reliant on your prepping.. the better you prep- the better the result! 

  • Start drinking a minimum of 2 litres of water a day.
  • Take 3x EFA ULTRA in the Morning and Night
  • Have 2-4 enzyme treatments on the area to be peeled - Body enzyme for body
  • Make sure you have the following home prescriptives:
    • Deep Pore/ Milk Cleanser/ Hydra Louffa
    • Beta Gel
    • Direct Delivery Vitamin C
    • Herbal Pigment oil (for peel procedure days 1- 14)
    • Contraderm (for peel procedure days 1-14)
    • Herb & Mineral Mist
    • Solar Damage Gel
    • SPF 50
    • EFA Ultra Retosin Super bright (if you’re concerned with pigment) 
  • 14 nights prior to peel, start applying generous amounts of Retosin to the area you wish to treat - Full Face, Neck, Décolletage etc. Be OVER zealous with Retosin. Apply another layer over the area of concern- if you have scarring for example- pop another layer over that area. You cannot be stingy on this… the better the prep the better the result! You will feel tight, dry, flaky and also may get a tinge of colour to the skin because of the Beta Carotene in Retosin. Sleep in Retosin
  • If you are treating pigmentation- alternate your nights of prep with 1 night Retosin (as above) and the next night super bright (as above). Do this up until the night before your first layers are applied. Sleep in super bright and Retosin on their allocated nights.
  • Stick to your prescribed Day routine up until your day one application is applied, then you will need to use contraderm and Herbal pigment instead of your usual prescribed crème.  

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