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The Amazing Benefits of LED Red Light Therapy


There are many devices available in the skin industry today, with LED Light Therapy being one of our favourites. Why? Because it offers an almost unlimited array of benefits for the skin and underlying structures, with absolutely zero discomfort or down-time required. In addition, you could sit under this light all day, every day, with no risk of damaging your skin and no adverse side effects.

The benefits of LED were first discovered by NASA in the 80s when they noticed an increase in plant regeneration under particular wavelength of light. They then decided to test it out on humans - and sure enough, when LED Red Light was used on Astronauts, their wounds were observed to heal much faster. Research has since revealed that skin exposed to LED light regenerates up to 500% faster!

LED Red Light works by producing a chemical reaction within your Mitochondria – the ‘battery pack’ for our skin-cells. It boosts energy production, effectively re-charging these cells, allowing for fantastic stimulation of collagen and elastin, increased oxygenation, reduced inflammation and an overall improvement in the skin’s wound healing responses. We highly recommend prepping the skin with LED treatments prior to undergoing other ‘controlled trauma’ treatments, such as skin needling, intensive peels, laser or IPL. If your skin cells are low in energy, they will not respond as effectively, however if the ‘battery pack’ is fully charged, you will get a much more effective and faster improvement, especially where wound healing and collagen/elastin stimulation is a goal.

Not only will LED give you much better results combined with other treatments, but it also enhances your skin’s natural immunity. If your cells receive sufficient energy, they can defend themselves more effectively against external pollutants, environmental stresses and trauma. In short, it makes your skin work at an optimal level.

LED Red Light has a vital place when treating almost every single type of skin concern. Its anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects are amazing when working with Acne, Eczema, Dermatitis, Rosacea and Psoriasis. Because of the targeted collagen and elastin stimulation, it also helps to treat any concerns relating to Age Management, creating a firmer, bouncier skin and visibly reducing lines and wrinkles. Scarring (acne and otherwise) is also noticeably improved with this treatment, and due to its ability to boost circulation, cells are nourished with more efficient uptake of oxygen and nutrients from the blood.

LED is a time-effective and enjoyable treatment, making it a popular ‘lunch-time boost’ appointment, and an easy one to schedule into your day. Plus, because there is no down-time, you can simply go about your day as normal.

If your skin is not responding the way you would like, we highly recommend you chat to one of our therapists about undergoing a course of 6-12 LED sessions as an extremely effective way to improve your skins immunity & prepare it before under-going other advanced modalities. This will ensure your cells are primed and ready to perform exactly how we need them to for the best visible results.   

There truly is not a skin out there that could not benefit from LED Red Light Therapy. Why not regenerate & rejuvenate your skin with our One Month LED Membership for only $380!


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