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Why choose Dermapen over Laser & other Skin Needling techniques


With so much information about these skin treatments, it's no wonder some clients are confused about what will be best for them. We've outlined some information to help you make the decision between these treatments. We combine & customise treatments to suit your skin needs. 

Dermapen Vs. Laser

The closest technology to Dermapen is Fractional Laser. Both fractional lasers and needling devices create micro-injuries that promote skin healing and repair, which in turn generates new collagen. This can be useful for the treatment of conditions such as acne scars, open pores, pigmentation, or simply to improve wrinkles. Fractional lasers use light energy to produce this injury, and skin needling utilises a more mechanical method instead. These technologies have similar results, but achieve them in very different ways, and result in very different side effects.  The laser uses light to char and obliterate epidermis to produce small pits which vary in diameter and depth, depending on the laser type, while Dermapen skin needling produces no heat. This reduces downtime, pain, redness, the risk of scarring, infection & post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Light based therapy is not for all skin types. The indication for use usually puts limits on the skin types that may be treated with a fractional laser.  For example, the indications prohibit the use of the laser on darker skin colors. Fortunately, Dermapen treatments can be performed on all skin colours.

Dermapen Vs. Rollers

You may have seen or experienced a dermal roller before but when you have a Dermapen treatment, your experience will likely be less painful (if you feel any pain at all). Because the needles are not angled and enter the skin at a perfect 90 degree, Dermapen will produce the results you’re looking for with much less discomfort. With Dermapen you will also see less damage to your epidermis because of the vertical motion of the needles, which translates into less pain and bleeding as opposed to the lateral tears that are produced by a roller which enters the skin at an angle.


Dermapen is also much more easily manoeuvred around facial contours. and makes it easier to get to all the problem areas. It has the ability to target the tiny delicate areas of your face like the eyelids & around the mouth.


When you use a roller, the needles are rolling over scar tissue, which can be tough. The rolling mechanism can cause the needles to bend or break, which can be dangerous and counter-productive.  With Dermapen, there is no risk of needles bending. Because of vertical delivery, needles penetrate the scar tissue with ease, and do not bend or break. 


Dermapen Skin Needling can effectively refine pores, reduce scars, improve stretch marks, firms skin,  reduce fine lines & induce collagen production. Treatments are fast, effective, comfortable and offer results after just one treatment.


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