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Lira Hybrid Treatment

Lira Hybrid Treatment


The Lira Hybrid Treatments are the perfect way to kick start your journey into skin revision, giving you a corrective treatment to help support change in the skin without downtime. Prescribed by our experts and suitable for all face and body skin conditions, your treatments will be customised according to our skin therapist’s recommendations.

The Lira Hybrid Treatment options include:

Mystique Elite

This luxury illuminating treatment will Firm, Brighten, hydrate and calm a Rosacea skin. Designed to also reduce fine lines and wrinkles and dramatically improve the skins overall health.

Lira Lux

Drench the skin in hydration with hyaluronic acid essential minerals Illuminating Mystique and Retinol. Minimise the appearance of fine line and wrinkles even out pigmentation and combat skin dryness.

Pumpkin Anti-Aging

Illuminate and brighten the skin tone whilst encouraging healthy cell turnover with this universal anti-aging treatment, leaving the skin glowing and revitalised.

Brightening Plus

Illuminate the skins youthful vitality and return the skins brightness and even skin tone whilst increasing skin hydration.

Probiotic Power

Refresh and protect the skin with this powerful detoxifying facial treatment. Revealing a bright complexion whilst releasing impurities with natural charcoal and pumpkin enzymes.


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