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MD TransGenesis Creme

MD TransGenesis Creme


Fights the signs of ageing with specific marine sourced enzymes that work to encourage cell turnover and renewal without irritation, giving the skin a smooth porcelain glow. It helps restore maximum moisture levels as well as improving firmness and elasticity.


TransGenesis crème utilises enzymes derived from marine sources coupled with stable polypeptides. Its advanced ingredients target cell renewal, firmness, elasticity, and moisture retention. TransGenesis has it all: from gentle superficial exfoliation, dermal strengthening, and re-contouring to superior nutrition, wrinkle reduction, and increased collagen production. 

How to Apply:

After cleansing and applying FirMatrix and Eye Web, work a pea-sized amount of TransGenesis, combined with Wetter Than Water, onto the facial area.

Available Size:


Key Ingredients:

  • Betaglucan
  • Red Caviar Extract
  • Hydrolysed Glycoaminoglycans
  • Peptides


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